Wizzle - FAQ

1. How do I join Wizzle?

Join for free simply by registering an email address and password. You can start shopping and earning cashback as soon as you sign up. Join Wizzle for free now. or download the mobile app here

2. Does it cost anything to join Wizzle?

No, your membership is completely free.

3. I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Please request a password reset email from the login page and you'll be able to change your password in order to access your account.

4. I have forgotten the email address that I registered with. What should I do?

You can request a password reset email and if your email address is registered with Wizzle, you will be sent a password reset email to that email address. If this does not work, please contact us.

5. I am not receiving the password reset emails. What should I do

You may need to add us to the safe senders list in your email account. Alternatively please check your junk mail folder.

To add Wizzle to your list of safe senders you will need to add our domain address to your settings. The domain address is info@wizzle.com.au.

1. How can I update my account details and personal settings?

Please place your cursor over the Face symbol located at the top right of the Wizzle website and click on one of the links to update your details. You can update all your personal details such as your email address, password, bank account details and email notification preferences.

2. What is the difference between free and premium membership?

At Wizzle, we have different membership levels that allow you to earn higher cashback percentages When you first join, membership is free. Once you have joined Wizzle as a free member, you can opt into the Wizzle Premium service. You will be charged $4.95 per month, charged at the end of every month for the Wizzle Premium Service which provides you access to premium discount rates, specials, offers and extra bonuses.

3. What is Wizzle Wednesday?

We call Wizzle Wednesday, the last Wednesday of every month pay day. On Wizzle Wednesday if you have requested a withdraw, then we send you a cashback payment to your nominated account for purchases posted during the previous month. But if you've earned less than $5.01 cashback, we'll carry over your money to the next Wizzle Wednesday.

4. What is the $20 min account balance?

We require you to keep a minimum $20 account balance before cashback payments. This is so we can continue to provide you the cashback service. For further details please refer to the terms and conditions.

5. How quickly is cashback credited to my account?

Most cashback rewards are credited within 2 days. However some stores cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed, which could be up to thirty days from purchase. If you cannot see your purchase made more than 30 days ago, please contact customer service

6. How can I close my Wizzle account?

We hope you won't leave us, but if you decide you want to close your account please contact customer service. Please refer to the terms and conditions for details about account balance on closure.

7. How can I manage my contact preferences?

You can manage your contact preferences by going to the preferences page in your account with either the website or mobile app.

8. What is the Wizzle Weekly News?

At Wizzle, we send a weekly newsletter update with information on how to use the Wizzle Cashback service, including information on bonus cashback offers, special deals, user stories and new ways to earn cashback. We may also send cashback confirmation emails to advise you that your cashback has been recorded after a successful purchase.

1. What is Cashback?

Cashback is a real cash rebate given back to you after you make a purchase from any of our partner retailers. Please have a look at our How it Works page for more detail.

2. How do I shop and earn cashback?

Earning Cashback is easy! It just takes one click. If you are in the Wizzle App or on the website it's the same easy single click shop process. Log into the Wizzle App or website and select the store of product offer from the deals or categories page. Click on the product offer and the link will take you to the retailers website , where you shop as normal. Each store offers a different cashback percentage or dollar amount. If you look at the percentage or dollar value cashback on the product or store offer this will tell you how much cashback savings you can make.

3. Where does cashback come from?

Our partner retailers pay us a marketing fee when you shop after logging into the Wizzle App or website and clicking on their product offers. After we receive the marketing fee payment, we then share it with you as an amount that we refer to as cashback.

4. Show me how it works?

  • Sign in to Wizzle.com.au or into the mobile app.
  • Find a store from the deals or categories section that you want to shop at
  • Find a product offer and click on the offer link to go to the store's website. By clicking on the link after you have logged into the Wizzle Website or Mobile App tells the store you are a member of Wizzle and entitled to a cashback bonus.
  • Shop at the website like you normally would.
  • We then wait for the store to pay us the cashback amount on any purchases you make
  • Once we receive cashback from the store, your account will be updated and the cashback is able to be withdrawn in your next Wizzle Wednesday pay day.

For full details of payment refer to terms and conditions.

5. What is the cashback process after purchase?

After you make a purchase via Wizzle, the cashback transaction will proceed through various stages in your account activity section.

Pending This normally occurs within 2 days and tells you that the transaction has been recorded by the store you purchased a product or offer from.

Approved This means the store has approved the transaction as valid, which means they were able to validate that the purchase was made by you as a member of Wizzle and a cashback payment will be on the way.

Ready to Pay This normally takes up to 30 days due to returns and other store conditions. Your cashback payment has now been paid to us and it means its available in your account for the next months Wizzle Wednesday pay day.

6. How long does it take to receive the cashback after I make a purchase?

The cashback will be shown as "Pending" in your account activity page usually within 2 days of your purchase. Sometimes it can be longer as different stores have different transaction checking and reconciliation timings to us. The cashback will normally be shown as approved within a 4 week period because they wait for the return period to end (which is normally 30 days). As soon as we are paid then we will change the cashback transaction to "Approved". This means the payment will be ready for the next months Wizzle Wednesday pay day.

7. Why is my cashback lower than expected

Most stores will only pay cashback on the purchase price excluding GST on the product or offer excluding shipping delivery and other such costs. This explains why the lower purchase amount is normally recorded. If you are still concerned please submit an enquiry to customer service.

8. How do I get my cashback?

You can choose to leave your Wizzle cashback in your account with us and continue to build it ready for a special spending spree, emergency bills, as a special savings plan, or you can add a nominated bank account for us to pay you every Wizzle Wednesday at the end of every month. You can select this option and enter your bank details in the payment details section of account. Our system is very secure and we use the utmost care to ensure all personal and financial information details are held securely by ourselves and our banking partners.

9. What happens if I buy from the store directly without first logging into the Wizzle App or website?

If you go to the store's website directly without logging into the Wizzle website or Web App and clicking on the product or offer first, you will not be eligible for cashback. The easiest way to remember is to always log into your app or the Wizzle website first and start your shopping from Wizzle.

10. When is cashback not allowed?

Some retailers have special conditions of sale for cashback earning and payment and these will be visible under their terms and conditions listed on the retailer's site.

The following conditions may not apply to cashback:

  • Where a gift card or shopping card is used in payment of the purchase
  • Where a voucher code not published by Wizzle as compatible with cashback is used
  • Where a purchase is cancelled, returned or amended, whatever the reason
  • Where the order is not completed wholly online or via the app in a single visit to the retailer (this is because you may have gone to another referring site in-between).
  • Where another referring site such as a comparison site, rewards site, search engine etc has earnt the cashback commission. In order to stop this you need to ensure Wizzle was the last website or app that you clicked before visiting the retailers site.
  • Where the retailer's terms and conditions for cashback have not been met.

11. Why are my purchases not being tracked or recorded?

This is most often due to your Internet browser settings. Please ensure that you have enabled cookies and pop-ups so your cashback shopping can be tracked by us and the retailer. If you have recently updated your browser you may need to check these options are enabled. Please refer to how it works for more information.

12. Can I use coupons with cashback?

You can only use coupons that are listed on our website that feature cashback. We list coupons on the deals page that also offer cashback. With these cashback coupons you get a discount and a cashback bonus when shopping at these retailers if you shop with Wizzle first.

To use the coupon code:

  • Record the coupon code.
  • Click the coupon cashback button to take you to the retailers site.
  • Shop as you normally would at the retailer's site and when requested enter the coupon code prior to checkout.

1. Is cashback guaranteed?

Being a member of Wizzle, entitles you to earn cashback on tracked purchases from our partner retailers. To qualify for cashback the retailer must confirm that your purchase was made and that you are a member of Wizzle by tracking you. Due to the technical issues involved with a number of parties in the process we can't always guarantee your cashback will be tracked, but we do our best to ensure every possible purchase is tracked. If you believe your purchase was valid and is not recorded please contact customer service.

2. Why hasn't one of my transactions been recorded?

The most common reasons for this are: There is a delay - sometimes it can take up to 2 days for your purchase to show as Pending in your account.

There was a tracking problem - we rely on the use of cookies to track your purchases. The most common reason for your cookies not tracking properly are

  • You visited another site after us and before the partner retailer.
  • You didn't login via the Wizzle app or website first and an old cookie was on your machine and hasn't been cleared
  • Your computer is not set up to accept cookies. To ensure you have cookies enabled please refer to how it works for more information.

3. What can I do if one of my transactions hasn't been recorded?

Check your computer settings - In order to track purchases and receive cashback, your computer must be set-up to accept cookies. Refer to how it works for more information.

Submit a transaction tracking enquiry - please submit an enquiry to customer service. We do our best to track all transactions but sometimes it is not possible to track a transaction.

4. My cashback transaction is still showing as Pending

It normally takes up to 30 days for a cashback transaction to change from Pending to Approved and sometimes it can take longer due to retailer terms and conditions including returns period. If it is past 30 days and you are concerned please submit an enquiry to customer service.

5. Why has my cashback been declined?

Your cashback transaction could be declined because of

  • The purchase was returned, cancelled or the order amended
  • The purchase was not completed online after first logging into the Wizzle website or app.
  • Another referrer has been awarded the cashback commission such as a price comparison site or a voucher site or search engine, etc.
  • Your cashback transaction didn;t meet the terms and conditions of the retailer
  • Another voucher code or gift code was used that was not authorised for cashback or offered by Wizzle.
  • The merchant has ceased trading or is in administration.

If you don't think your transaction should have been declined please submit an enquiry to customer service.

6. Does the retailer answer questions about missing cashback?

Unfortunately only enquires with retailers about Wizzle cashback transactions can be investigated by Wizzle.